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Best-In-Class Auto Parts and Equipment in Cariboo and Surrounding Areas

Working with vehicles, especially upkeep and repair, has taught us to never compromise with quality - be it in service or in the materials we use. Bare’s Paint & Bodyworks takes pride in the fact that we employ the latest technology and diagnostic tools for all our service and repair work. Our customers in Cariboo, Cariboo-Chilcotin and North Central Coast can be assured that only the finest quality of materials will be used on their automobiles, with utmost care and precision. We bring together expert professionals and modern equipment to deliver the desired results.

Advanced Diagnostics With Live Mapping

At Bare’s Paint & Bodyworks, we like to change with changing times and stay ahead in our game. This is why we instantly adapted to a 3-dimensional mapping system, which is the new game-changer in automotive technology. 

Introduced by Chief Automotive, this Live Mapping system called Meridian can measure 45 points on an automobile even when one is replacing parts, all in real-time. Chief’s Meridian Live Mapping System is a complete vehicle blueprinting package. It provides an accurate 360-degree view of damage not visible to the naked eye. The system provides more measurements to get accurate details so that the damage can be properly analyzed and documented.

At Bare’s Paint & Bodyworks, you will find that our team has already adapted to this technology, and we use it diligently to get more accurate and versatile information. The Mapping System is useful in making detailed blueprints, analyzing collision repairs, identifying hidden alignment issues and witnessing the real-time impact of our approach on the vehicle. This helpful upgrade, coupled with our skilled professionals, is a recipe for successful repairs and seamless service.

Seamless Repairs With Pro Spot Welding

The most important part of any repair or auto body work is working with the vehicle and correcting and changing it. If the material you use on the automobile is not high-quality and reliable, it can cause irreversible damage. Thus, at Bare’s Paint & Bodyworks, we always partner with brands that supply us with the best materials and equipment.

Since welding is needed in most cases, we got on board the latest technology to ensure seamless and safe procedures. Pro Spot’s Aluminum Welding equipment is used to meet all our aluminum needs, for all kinds of makes and models. From dent pulling to welding to non-thermal joining process, their equipment is safe, modern and one of the best-in-class. When used on the body of the vehicle, they work efficiently, ensuring that post the welding procedure there are no evident marks or dents. With our experts using Pro Spot’s Aluminium Welding machinery, you can be assured that your vehicle will look as good as new.

Quality Equipment for Quality Work

We use reliable and modern technology to provide impeccable auto body services.

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